Go vax yourself

This is a fitnessing blog, not a medical health blog. But what is fitnessing without regard for your overall health? Whilst I’m making a bunch of tongue-in-cheek posts in response to a weight-loss bet, I care a lot about my community’s health. If I didn’t care about my own health, I wouldn’t be trying to lose weight at all.

I make sure to eat well, get physical, and meditate. Oh yeah, I also go to the fucking doctor and keep my vaccinations up to date. I went to school during a time when you had to be inoculated before enrollment. Why? So you don’t fucking kill the other kids by carrying deadly diseases. Like measles, whooping cough, and ALL the heps. I travel a lot and have to prioritise my shots along with my visas. I don’t begrudge my or other countries’ policies. Why? So I don’t fucking bring back the bubonic plague. I can’t believe we’re still having this conversation in the 21st-fucking-century. I am lucky to have a healthy immune system so I can handle all of those vaccines, as a way to protect those who are immunocompromised or otherwise allergic to vaccines. Our communities need you to be vaccinated for herd immunity.


go vax yourself

Parents who are resisting getting their children vaccinated are endangering their own children and those around them. If you think there’s anything amiss with proper vaccinations, you are being fucking lied to. I live in a community with some of the most educated and wealthy folks in the county. Yet somehow this correlates with one of the lowest numbers of vaccinated children and the highest in paranoia. What gives?


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