being injured is hard work.

Watching: my favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers where Bob is just a little gay. I think we all have a little soft spot for sloppy bears. Hell, I think I slowly descending into one.

Reading: A Fine and Private Place. Paranormal is not usually my jam, but I’m reading this at the behest of my book group. Apparently it’s supposed to be fun. Ghosts having existential crises and widows who love sloppy bears, WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Eating: I’m not even going to pretend that I’m eating well to make up for my lack of physical exercise. I’m eating for two, remember? I love noodles but was unable to get my usual fresh udon. Opted for second best and made my own version of this fried noodles (aka chow mein). Not as pretty, and with a LOT more oyster sauce and Thai chilis.


via Rasa Malaysia

via Rasa Malaysia


Exercising: Arm day, every day. I love this woman. I… definitely spent more time pretending to follow along than actually doing the movements. #whatevskis.


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