[Results] The side bet

WOMP. womp. What a month it has been. My attempts to sabotage @CriticalMAS has completely backfired. I suckered him into trying froyo (frozen yogurt for the innocent) and we both got addicted. He has either stalled on his weightloss or found the metrics to be off. I have definitely gained weight. Haven’t been able to weigh myself since the scale I originally used was at competitor #3’s house. He, unfortunately, is completely MIA when it comes to the bet. As is competitor #4.

We decided on a gentleman’s agreement that the side bet is a wash. I DON’T HAVE TO DO A SOCIAL MEDIA FAST. But this also means I won’t get to witness the humiliation of @CriticalMAS downing Starbucks espressos 😦



Update: @CriticalMAS updated his bet results here

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