July Favorites

July Favorites
July has whizzed by us with some record setting heat. Most of my health concerns this month has revolved around skin health, which as you all know, is a very good benchmark for evaluating your over-all health. With my improved skincare regimen, I no longer have the kind of skin that would make BP envious. It’s now a more manageable combination skin with an oily tzone. The Skinfood Peach Sake BB Creme is great at oil control, especially with the NYX HD loose powder lightly applied on top. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a game changer. It makes even the cakiest foundation looking more skin-like; I am so in love.
I still double cleanse with mineral oil at night to take off the makeup, sweat, and city pollution off every night. The My Beauty Diary face masks are such a nice, luxurious treat, especially on hot days. The heat and sun has made my lips so dreadfully parched; I’m practically molting. Lansinoh is meant to be a nipple cream for breastfeeding folks, but this 100% lanolin is the Holy Grail for my lips as an overnight lip treatment. I’ve been trying to use up my other sunscreens as a part of my Project 10 Pan, but my EltaMD UV Clear  is still my first love. I just wish it weren’t so expensive!
I also found a hat big enough for my giant head. Don’t laugh, it’s been such a challenge! Haha. The silly thing about this F21 floppy hat is that while it looks cute and casual, it’s made of friggin wool. WHO DOES THAT? Whatever, I’m happy to withstand the forehead sweat for the sake of my skin.

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