rediscoveries: NYX Love in Paris 09 Merci Beaucoup

hey cutie

hey cutie


This Project 10 Pan business is not easy. I had to take a break and look through some of the other goodies in my stash. As excited as I was for the Too Face Chocolate Bar palette, I wasn’t feeling too inspired. I forwent face makeup today and did a simple bronze smokey eye look with only two colors from the NYX Love in Paris – Merci Beaucoup palette. I used the medium bronze color (top middle) on my mobile lid and accented the V of my eyes with the shimmer dark brown (middle second row). Smudge the shit out of the two and DONE. I forgot how incredibly smooth and pigmented this palette was. The other Love in Paris I have (01-A la Mode) was a total dud. While I do have higher end palettes, this little guy will be perfect for my upcoming trip. It’s beautiful, blendable, and portable. Also, if I lose it at border crossing or in a hotel, it don’t matter. Cheap thrills.



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