high intensity training

HIT training

After months of being harassed by @CriticalMAS, I’ve finally decided to get serious about HIT training. Prior to our conversations, I’d only heard about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which I’ve been practicing for years, with regular lapses. I loved NerdFitnessbodyweight routines (review to come) and found the perfect Tabata timer. HIIT works for improving your heart health and makes a great aerobic workout. While I did lose ~25 pounds, I didn’t feel like I gained a lot of strength. Part of my fitnessing goals is bettering my balance and gaining strength. I also need some new motivation for getting fit. I will continue to get in my aerobic exercise for mental health, but I also want to try some new things that will make me a bit more enthusiastic about not being a lazy bum.

Here’s where to begin with the HIT routine. Although you can do this at the gym with proper equipment, I am currently moving and don’t have access to a gym or gym equipment. I also have a full schedule and am extremely lazy. This program doesn’t require any equipment. My main challenge will be consistency. If I can do this a couple of times a week, I’ll be able to update any results that arise.