bootleg intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a pretty big trend amongst the anti-breakfast fascists.

Conventional dieting wisdom (we all know how well that usually works out) tells us that the most important meal of the day is breakfast: skip it at your own risk. If you forgo the first meal of the day, it can potentially lead to overeating around lunch time because you’re a goddamn glutton without any sense of self control.

There’s also a lot of buzz around how eating breakfast “jumpstarts” your metabolism. What are we, 5? Your metabolism is on all the time. Otherwise, you would be dead.

Practice IF if you want to. Or don’t. What I like is that when I shorten my eating window, I trick my brain into thinking I am eating a lot more. Instead of 3-4 meals of ~500cals each, I get to have 2 meals of ~1000cals. BAM. SATED.

homer knows what's up

homer knows what’s up

what’s the relationship between microbes and metabolism?

The Blaser lab also investigates whether antibiotics may be changing the animals’ microbiome — the trillions of bacteria that live inside their guts. These bacteria seem to play a role in all sorts of immune responses, and, crucially, in digesting food, making nutrients and maintaining a healthy weight. […]

By the time we reach adulthood, we have developed our own distinct menagerie of bacteria. In fact, it doesn’t always make sense to speak of us and them. You are the condo that your bugs helped to build and design. The bugs redecorate you every day. They turn the thermostat up and down, and bang on your pipes.

I know that fecal transplants are all the rage right now, but I’m going to ease into with with maybe a belly button lint swap. Who am I kidding? I shiver at the thought of even acknowledging someone else’s mouth germs.