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It has been ungodly hot this summer. On the one hand, heat and humidity is good for suppressing appetite. On the other hand, it also makes you sticky and grumpy.

I have a few favorite ways of dealing with the heat that doesn’t revolve around me crying and giving into buying an air conditioner. That’s for wussies. When I was younger, I did silly things like hiding in libraries or going to the malls to bask in their cool area. It gets a little awkward when you don’t buy things. As much as I like mooching, my goal in life is to avoid becoming Mr. Panera. Mr. Panera was a stocky older man who would bring in his big ass MAC computer and settle into a booth. For 8+ hours, he would play World of Warcraft and sip on sugary lattes. I once had to “work from home” and our wifi wasn’t working, so I had to share shitty internet with him at Panera. For some reason, I visited that cafe quite frequently that summer and always noticed him in his corner. At any time of day. Alone. I guess, at least he wasn’t sweating.

Three things that make me feel like I’m not a sweaty mammoth:


cheap and effective!

so luxurious!

so luxurious!



kid tested, mother approved

kid tested, mother approved








1. Rosewater spray. Ignore the hippy shit on the side of the bottle. It’s a great product for a little extra hydration if you layer it under your moisturizer. In the summer, I like to give my face a few spritz of this and get next to a fan. INSTANT SATISFACTION. F-U heat! Bonus: this stuff is cheap as chips (~$6) as opposed to Avene thermal water ($18) or the Evian Mineral Water Bullshit spray ($17.50).

2. Face masks. There is nothing more sumptuous than relaxing with a glass of wine and a nice, rich face mask. Sure, you’ll scare all the children and animals, but it’s 30 minutes of bliss. Also, your skin will thank you when it’s over. I wish they made body wraps for at-home use. You can find these at HMart or on Amazon for about $15 (box of 10).

3. Baby Wipes. Sweat comingling with dead skin is a disgusting combination. Even if you shower multiple times a day, in the thick of the worst humidity, it’s nice to wipe down strategic areas with baby wipes.