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Top 3 things to quit now for healthier skin

Back to basics. Before you begin your search for the holy grail skincare routine, check to see if your personal habits aren’t detrimental to your skin health. Below are the top three things you can do to keep your skin at its best:

1. QUIT SMOKING. It’s hard. It sucks. But you have to. Really. Luckily, lots of people live in places where cigarettes may be cost prohibitive, or where laws are shunning smokers out of public and private places. With availability and accessibility out of the way, temptation may be easier to resist. If you need any reminders about the hazards of smoking, here they are.

2. QUIT DRINKING. Or if that’s not realistic, make sure you rehydrate well after drinking. Get them electrolytes and sleep it off.

3. QUIT TANNING. UV rays in tanning beds are no better than the rays from the sun. Tanning is skin damage, no matter the source of UVs. Use sunscreen when you’re out and about, and for god’s sake, don’t bake yourself. Melanoma is one of the leading killers of Americans.